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 1. What is a tax clearance certificate? 

A tax clearance is issued by SARS to state that the business/individual's taxes are currently up to date. In other words no returns or money is owed to SARS.

2. Can a tax clearance be obtained without being registered for Income Tax?

No, a business/individual must be registered with SARS and have a valid income tax number before a tax clearance certificate can be obtained. You can register your business for income tax here and as an individual taxpayer here. 

3. How long can I use a tax clearance before it expires?

 1 year from date of issue. 

4. Will I know the reasons why my application has been rejected? 

Yes, we will send you full details on why the tax clearance could not be issued within 10 working days after we have received your order. 

5. What type of tax clearance can be obtained from this website?

There are two types of tax clearance certificate issued, one for Tender purposes and one for Good Standing. Good standing are normally used when wanting to register on goverment supplier database etc. Tenders are used where you are tendering for a contract and a tax clearance is required. Please make sure the right selection is made when applying on our website. 

6. Do you assist in foreign investment tax clearance certificates? 

Unfortunetely not. 

7. Will I get a refund if my tax clearance is rejected? 

As we want to give you the quickest possible service we visit the SARS branch in person, and sometimes stand in long ques to apply for the tax clearance certificate. We then get the tax clearance certificates and courier it directly to the client if approved or email the reasons why the application was rejected by SARS with possible solutions. Therefore we have already put in quite an effort and time in trying to obtain the tax clearance. We will also re-apply at no additional fees once the client has resolved all outstanding issues. Therefore unfortunetely no refunds will be made. 

8. How do I know what taxes or money are outstanding for myself or my business? 

We recommed you do a business check up here whereby we will send you a detailed report on all outstanding issues etc on your business.




You have to be a registered user to submit the online application form below. 

Registration on our website is free and will take 1 minute. REGISTER HERE. 

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Before submitting the form below please read through the following information regarding Tax Clearance Certificates. 

Important: please make sure all your personal/company's taxes are up to date and paid in full before requesting a tax clearance certificate. Any outstanding returns or monies owed to SARS will cause your application to be rejected*. In case of your Tax Clearance being rejected we will let you know the exact reasons for it being rejected. The responsibility lies on the user to sort out the outstanding issues. As a myfinance-online user you can contact our office for assistance in getting your tax affairs up to date at a fee that will be discussed.

A business must be registered for income tax in order to obtain a tax clearance certificate. 

 *No refunds can be made for any rejected tax clearance applications.


1. How does it work? 

Step 1 - fill in the form below

Step 2 - pay the R450 online via credit card or any other way.

Step 3 - download the Power of Attornery form at the bottom of this page, complete and sign it and fax /e-mail back to us.

Step 4 - We will post 10x original tax clearance certificates via speed services to you as soon as they have been approved.

As soon as we have received the application for a tax clearance we will request it from SARS. If there are no outstanding returns/monies on the specific tax number(s) the original tax clearance certificates will be posted to the address as indicated by you.

2. What is the turnaround time?

If there are no outstanding issues on the taxnumber(s) for which a tax clearance was applied for the original documents will reach your postal box within 5 -7 working days. The responsibility lies on the user to sort out these outstanding issues. As a myfinance-online user you can
contact our office for assistance in getting your tax affairs up to date at a fee as will be discussed. As soon as all issues have been resolved the original documents will be posted to you. 

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Please make sure information on this form is entered correctly as we rely heavily on information supplied. Incorrect information will cause a delay in the service.

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To enable us to complete the process please download and sign these forms and fax or scan and email them back to us.
If (original required) is indicated next to a form, you need to post them to us.

Power of Attorney - Apply for a tax clearance

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