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VAT Registration Service


SARS last year anounced a much more complex and strict VAT registration process. However with our expert help and advice

Myfinance-online users can now have the luxury of applying online to register their business for VAT. It can be done by simply completing the online form and faxing/e-mailing a few forms through to us. A dedicated professional accountant will give his/her personal attention to the VAT application. A cell phone number will even be supplied to you for any queries you may have regarding the process or upon your visit to SARS. All documents needed to ensure your VAT Apllication runs smoothly will be e-mailed to you within 48 hours of applivation. You only need to print out these documents, read the step by step instructions and you will enter the SARS office with confidence. And if SARS are up to their tricky questions you can phone the cell phone number given to you for expert-on-the-spot advice. Another first from the team at

Corporate income tax returns assistance

clients can now receive assistance in filing corporate income tax returns by completing an easy online form.

PAYE and UIF registration can be done online

you can register your business for a paye/uif number with sars online. the online form takes about 1 minute to complete.

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