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Amend a CC/Company Details (Add/Remove Member(s)/Directors etc.)



When will I receive the draft documenst to be signed? 

Within 3 days from submitting your order, payment and changes to us. 


 Who needs to sign the draft  documents? 

All current members/directors as well as new/resigning members/directors as applicable.


 Are there any additional costs involved? 

 No, the fee as stiplulated is all inclusive. Only in the case where the 1st names were not approved in a name change an additional R75 will be payable.


Why must I submit 4 names? 

The Registrar will test a maximum of 4 names. If only one name is submitted and not approved there are no other names to test and therefore the name reservation process will need to be started from scratch.   

How will I know when the changes to my CC/Company has been done?  

As soon as we receive the amended founding statement  from CIPC your oder status will be updated and the electronic form will be e-mailed to you directly.  

How do I change the accounting officer of a CC? 

We do not render this service as the new accounting officer should be able to assist you with this.


Can I still make changes to a CC even though new CC's can't be registered? 

Yes, any changes, names, members etc. can still be made to existing CC's.

Additional Info

How does it work?

Step 1 - fill in the form below.

Step 2 - pay the amount due online via credit card or any other way.
Step 3  - we will send you draft documentation reflecting the changes with instructions to be signed and returned with certified copies of ID's via fax/e-mail.

We do the rest. As soon as the details are amended  you will receive the document via e-mail.  


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This service has a cost that is dependent on the various items selected. Your price will show here: R 690.00.

Average turnaround time: 10-21 working days

CC/Company Details

I want to change the following details: (A combination of options can be selected)

Change of physical address & postal address

Add members/directors (names and/or % interest held in the CC/Company)

Details in this section aren't automatically verified but please enter them accurately, as errors may delay the process.

Only for CC's: The % interest in this section must add up to 100%. Maximum of 10 members allowed.


Full Names

ID Number

Postal Address

Physical Address

Cellphone Number

Email Address

% Interest (Only for CC)


Resigning Members


Full Names

ID Number


Change of financial year end

Acknowledge Turnaround Time and Other Service Conditions

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