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A Business must be registered with COIDA to be able to get a letter of good standing. If not yet registered a business can register here and obtain a letter of good standing (LOGS) once registered and initial assessment has been paid to COIDA

For 2020 renewals (if your LOGS expires 30 April 2020), please use this link to file your ROE 2019 and automatically apply for renewed LOGS and don't use the form below. 


Apply for letter of good standing from COIDA

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ROE 2019 figures can now be submitted

return of earnings submissions and renewal of annual logs can now be done in one easy step. just complete this online form and we will take care of it.


immediate topics that are covered on this page are the following:

Save taxes on school or tertiary fees for your children

we get asked the question quite a lot if you can't save some taxes on school or university fees fees? we have some good news

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