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Myfinance-online has partnered with Efficient Advise to supply our clients with tailor-made financial advice and intermediary services.   

Efficient Advise is an authorised financial services provider FSP 655 and a subsidiary of the Efficient Group Ltd.   

The financial advisor who assist all myfinance-online clients is Henri Raath who is registered as a CA(SA) and CFP®. 

Retirement planning   

A common view among people is that only poor people cannot afford to retire. However, many of the people that have to keep working after retirement are those who had very good income streams throughout their careers, but they convinced themselves that they saved enough to maintain their lifestyles when they do not have to work anymore. 

The earlier people implement a retirement planning strategy, the bigger their chances are to retire comfortably. We believe that the success of the build-up of a sufficient retirement investment portfolio does not depend on timing of the investment markets, but rather of the time that clients spend in the market. The effect of compound interest has to be taken into account here.  

Did you know? 

  • Contributions to a Retirment Annuity (RA) are totally flexible and can be paused, changed monthly. In other words you can determine the amount (minumum R500) and frequency of your contributions.
  • Your contibutions (up to certain limitations) are deductable from your taxable income. 
  • A RA does not attract any estate duty.
  • The accumulation of income, dividends and capital gains in your RA is totally exempt from income tax.  

Example of Tax Saving on Retirement Annuity Contributions 

Peter are both 30 years old and both have non-pension funding income of R500,000 for the 2015/16 tax year. John contributes 15% of this to a RA (R150,000) and Peter does not.

Their comparative figures for the 2015/16 tax year are as follows:








Non-retirement funding income




RA contributions




Taxable income






Income tax calculated




Primary rebate




Income tax payable









Tax saving




Investment for retirement




Net advantage







Taking all of the above into consideration it really is a "win-win" situation if you combine all the tax advantges together with saving for retirement. 

To get the ball rolling and rather save for retirement than giving it to the taxman please complete and submit the simple form below. Our financial advisor will contact you via your prefered method. 

For a more detailed explanation on  RA's you can download this 3 page document. 

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Retirement Annuities in Perspective

593 kB  |  Download


You can also also click here for handy retirement calculators. 

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