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We will assist you from start to finish to have your CC/Company Status restored to "In Business".


Restore a De-registered CC/Company


 1. Why will a CC/COMPANY be de-registered?  

The most common reason for a CC/COMPANY being de-registered is for non compliance towards annuals returns. When annual returns are not submitted over a period of time CIPRO/CIPC will come to the conclusion that the CC/COMPANY is not in business anymore and de-register the CC/COMPANY. 

2. What does it mean if a CC/COMPANY is de-registered? 

In essence the CC/COMPANY is removed from CIPRO's database and are not allowed to trade any further under the registered name or number. Bank accounts can be frozen etc. The status of the CC/COMPANY will also reflect as "DEREGISTRATION FINAL" 

3. Can a CC/COMPANY that has been de-registered be restored? 

By completing the online form below the process to restore your  CC/COMPANY will be started. The status of the CC/COMPANY will be changed from "DEREGISTRATION FINAL" to "RE-INSTATEMENT PROCESS" once the restoration process is completed.

4. What must still be done after the the CC/Company has been restored? 

All outstanding annual returns with CIPRO/CIPC  must be brought up to date together with payment of the prescribed fees. As soon as this has been done the CC/COMPANY status will change form "IN DEREGISTRATION PROCESS" to "IN BUSINESS" 

5. Where can I submit annual returns for a CC/COMPANY? 

You can do so online and find all related info on Annual Returns by clicking here .  

6. What happens if I fail to submit annual returns after the CC/COMPANY has been restored? 

If annual returns are not lodged within a few weeks after the CC/COMPANY has been restored the CC/COMPANY will be de-registered again.  

7. Are the any other costs involved? 

The fee of R950/R1 950  is all inclusive (CIPRO/CIPC fees included) This fee is for restoration of a CC/COMPANY only and obviously it doesn't include the fees for annual returns as explained in point 3 above.  

8. How long does the process of restoration take? 

As it is complex process, with CIPC requiring lots of documents and information this takes around 4- 6 weeks on average to complete.  If  property is involved the process takes +-12 weeks.

Additional Info


 If you are unsure of the status of your CC/COMPANY please send an-email to:

info@myfinance-online.co.za and include the CC/COMPANY's full registered name and registration number. We will advise on the status within 24 hours. 


1. How does it work?

Step 1
- fill in the form below.
Step 2 - pay the service fee  online via credit card or any other method.
Step 3 - We will send a details list of requirements via e-mail once your order and payment has been received.

2. How long does the process take? 

As it is complex process, with CIPC requiring lots of documents and information this process takes around 4-6 weeks on average to complete. If the CC/Company has a property registered the process takes +- 12 weeks to complete. 

 3. Supporting documents needed: 

Please make sure the following documents are faxed/e-mailed to us after you have completed the online application form: 

  1. Certified copy of the ID's of ALL members/directors of the CC/PTY.
  2. Power of attorney form at the bottom of this page must be printed out, completed, signed as indicated and fax/e-mailed to us.
  3. Affidavit indicating the reasons for the non-filing of annual returns.
  4. Sufficient documentary proof indicating that the company/CC was in business or that it had assets or liabilities at the time of registration , e.g proof of selling and buying of goods and services, leasing or renting property and/or an active bank account.

If you are unsure of the above please contact us. We will gladly assist in compiling the required information and documents. 

Important: To finalize the process annual returns must be submitted with CIPC after the CC/Company has been restored. Only after annual returns have been submitted to CIPC the CC/Company status will change to "In Business".

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