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to whom it may concern
i was referred to your company by armand de koker in regards to my wca registration the contact was carolie
i sent her a email and got a immiediate responce from a certain gentleman named jannie via email
i contcted him telephonically and he informed me that carolie was no longer in your employ
i asked various questions as this entire process is new to me
he proceeded to assist me through the online process and at the stage of almost being complete
i pressed the incorrect key on my computor and deleted all the information
jannie was absolutely top class he continued to assist me through the entire process again from start to finish
i kid you not there was no change is his voice after i caused this calamity it was absolutely amasing how kind and helpfull he was
i am extremely gratefull to jannie for the service rendered to me
PS if everbody had jannies attitude and commitment to client service and satisfaction imagine what a great economy we would have
once again jannie thank you so much you are a superstar
owen rosslind
mecadee holdings pty ltd

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