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This page is dedicated to sharing news regarding small businesses and the lockdown in South Africa caused by the COVID19-virus. 

We will update this page regularly, as we get new information on Government initiatives, stimulus plans, etc. We will also share links to articles that have a direct impact on small businesses. 

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           Download the COVID-19 TERS Easy guide here.

1. Temporary lay-off of staff

The employer may decide, as a direct result from the current Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic to close their business for a period and send employees home.

This constitutes a temporary lay-off. If the employer cannot pay his employees for this period, the employer can apply for the “National Disaster Benefit” from the UIF.

This benefit will be at a flat rate equal to the minimum wage (R3 500) per employee for the duration of the shutdown or a maximum period of three months, whichever period is the shortest.

2. Reduced Work Time

Where a Company shuts down for a certain period or implements Reduced or Short Time.

Benefits payable is the difference between what an employer pays and normal UIF benefits payable should an employee lose employment

Please download the easy-aid guide for employers below. This contains details on how the process works, which forms must  be completed as well as contact details for the UIF.

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Easy-Aid Guide

364 kB  |  Download

All other UIF-related forms can be downloaded on this page

3. SMME Relief Fund

Although details are very sketchy currently our advice would be that you complete the application form on if you feel your business income is directly affected by COVID19

4. Cash is King

Although we would normally advise our clients to be cautious in applying for unnecessary credit, we believe in these trying times, cash will be king. You need to try and get cash in hand ASAP and start repaying as soon as the storm has subsided. This will help to keep the boat afloat and  pay essential expenses like rent/salaries, etc. 

We have partnered with a financing institution who caters specifically to XERO users. They will access your data straight from XERO and can approve funding within 2 - 24 hours with no further paperwork required. You can open a free account on this link and start with the process to apply for funding. 

5. PAYE relief

Tax compliant businesses with a turnover of less than R50 million will be allowed to withhold 20% PAYE and provisional tax liabilities without penalties and interest.

We are still awaiting exact details from SARS but we will apply this to all our qualifying clients once details are clear. 

Relevant Articles

Find links below to relevant articles regarding employers/employees, leave and all other related news and info regarding COVID-19 and small businesses. 

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