Hi Jannie,  Thank you for the professional service.  Indeed the refund has reflected on my account and I am pleased with your support. I have referred a number of people in my workplace to you for future tax-related services.  Regards - Andrew

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Tax Season Starts


Tax season 2009 has started. Did you know, you can claim back wear and tear allowances against your salary

Did you know, you can claim back wear and tear allowances against your salary if you use your computer/cellphone or other assets for work purposes Probably not, what else are you missing? Not sure. Then for R150 a tax year use our services for a hassle free tax teason with maximum refunds.

Also a part of your return will be pre-filled by SARS with details supplied by your Employer. The risk lies in that SARS cannot verify or guarantee that these info is correct and it is still the taxpayers responsibilty to check these details.

All other deductions or income earned must then be completed by the taxpayer and the return must be submitted to SARS before the 20th of November 2009 if you use e-filing or myfinance-online.co.za. (Otherwise the deadline is 18 September 2009)

At myfinance-online a person will be able to submit his/her income tax online by supplying  the core detail  needed on the website. After the client have sent his/her IRP5 through, it  will be checked against the return, correspondence between myfinance-online.co.za and the client through his/her preferred method will then take place to get all information/documents needed to claim all deductable expenses.

Once one  of the professional accountants has done the calculation a short summary is sent to the client explaining in an understandable way how and what was claimed and of the amount due/refundable. The client has all the right to complain if he thinks something was missed, the return will not be submitted to SARS if the client is not 100% happy.

Once SARS raises an assesment  it be will checked against the calculations, a complaint will be lodged on the taxpayers behalf should it be necassary. All refunds will also be followed up upon with weekly feedbacks to the client.. 

So, yes we know SARS has made the return and the submitting of returns easier. But does that really means the tax implications/calculations/whole process has become easier? Or that you claim all allowable deductions correctly?  Why go through the trouble and stress of the whole tax season if you can  leave it in the hands of qualified professionals with years of expertise?


ROE 2020 figures can now be submitted

it is that time of the year again to renew your letter of good standing (logs) with coida.


immediate topics that are covered on this page are the following:

PAYE and UIF registration can be done online

you can register your business for a paye/uif number with sars online. the online form takes about 1 minute to complete.

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