Thank you so much for your prompt and professional service.  To be honest, I am impressed with the turn around time on the service as well as customer service.  You have kept me informed every step of the way towards registration of the above company, which is a sign of exceptional customers service! keep up the good work!!!    Jacob M. Majola

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Myfinance-online launches payroll system


After numerous requests from clients is proud to announce a new

payroll solution for your business. Many businesses, doesn't matter how big or small, fall in the trap of not doing their payroll correct as from the start of business. Sure, when you start a new business and things are going well, the last thing ou want to do is being caught up with paperwork and tax laws, etc. Thats why we will do it all for you. No startup costs, no license fees, you only pay per employee(payslip). This is alo extremely handy when you have just started your business and don't even employ people as yet. By law the members/directors must still pay over UIF/PAYE monthly to SARS. We can also assist in in proper tax planning as salaries paid out to members can be taxed at a lower rate and be deducted as an expense in the business' books.

Existing businesses can also outsource their payroll to us, as all monthy payslips can be mailed and couriered to the client directly, all payslips, leave etc, calculations will be done by us. We will also do the annual IRP5 recon, issue IRP5 certificates to empoyees at no extra cost. All documents, monthly payslips, IRP5's are stored and backed up online under you username for easy access anytime.

SARS has also encouraged employers to use a electronic payslip system insead of manual payslips, which is exactly how we do it. Time spent on your montly payroll will be significantly reduced as almost all the work gets done for you.

As shows in the success of all our other services we feel that letting professionals assist you in your business needs will add immense value to your business without having to break te bank. For all the info you need on outsourcing your payroll to us please visit our Services section and click on "Payroll Solutions". The question you need to ask yourself, can you afford to not do it the right way..?

Corporate income tax returns assistance

clients can now receive assistance in filing corporate income tax returns by completing an easy online form.

PAYE and UIF registration can be done online

you can register your business for a paye/uif number with sars online. the online form takes about 1 minute to complete.

Get all your business, tax and financial services in one place.

we are proud to be one of the 1st websites assisting businesses and individuals since 2008. we are constantly re-inventing

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