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Wow! That was fast and professional service. This must be a record! Not even 8 hours later and I already have my income tax number! I have received a letter to confirm that you have received my application this morning at 07:04 and now I am registered already. This is what I call good service. Thank you so much for saving me time, frustrayion and trouble to stand in a line for hours to register. I really appreciate your good and professional service. From a very happy customer Myra

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Payroll Solutions

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Outsource your Payroll for your business, whether you have 1 or 1000 employees.  

1. Advantages of outsourcing your business' payroll with myfinance-online.co.za:  

  1. Payslip input, calculations, submission and recons done by qualified accountants.
  2. Newest changes in tax tables, UIF amounts etc applied to your payroll as soon as they happen.
  3. All payslips are stored monthly, you only need to update with new/changed information.
  4. No (expensive) software or license fees payable.
  5. All deductions calculated per employee and paid over to SARS and Department of Labour monthly.
  6. All payslips, IRP5's, returns to SARS, recons etc gets uploaded under your username where it can be viewed or printed out anytime.
  7. Cost effective, convenient,  paperless way of handling your payroll each month. 

2. Some interesting facts regarding your business' payroll: 

  1. Did you know if you are a member of a CC/director of a Company you need to deduct PAYE/UIF from your salary/money you draw from the business and pay over monthly.
  2. Did you know if you use a casual woker for more than 24 hours in a month you need to deduct UIF from his salary, declare and pay over to the Department of Labour.
  3. Did you know that UIF deductions from employees must be declared to the Department of Labour monthly on a seperate form, stating details of every single employee?
  4. Did you know if your total payroll amount exeeds R500 000 a year you need to pay over Skill Development Levy (SDL) to SARS?
  5. Did you know that if you use myfinance-online.co.za as your payroll partner you don't need to know all these "tricky" laws as we will handle everything on your behalf.  

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