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Dear Jannie,
you have helped me twice in one day now. I am very impressed about the services of myfinance-online, also about how quick our CC was registered.
Thank you once again.
Antje Anton

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Request on outstanding Annual Return for Close Corporations/Companies (with CIPC)


 1. Should all CC's/Companies submit Annual Returns even if the entity has not conducted in any  trade? 

Yes, a CC/Company must submit an annual return to CIPC (CIPRO) annually within 1 month after it's anniversary. 

2. From what year should annual returns be lodged? 

As from September 2008 for Close Corporations and  from 2005 for Companies.  

3. What happens if a CC/Company fails to submit a annual return? 

The entity will be referred for deregistration and then eventually de-registered from CIPC (CIPRO's) database which can mean that bank accounts will be frozen, no credit can be applied for etc. In essence the CC/Company can no longer trade if de-registered.  

4. What happens if my CC/Company is already de-registered? 

The CC/Company needs to be restored and a prescribed fee paid to CIPC (CIPRO). After a CC/Company has been restored it needs to bring all annual returns up to date or it will be placed in de-registration again. You can restore a de-registered CC/Company here

 5. How long does this process take? 

You will receive a certificate of submission within 48 hours from placing your order. 

 6. What if I am not sure if there are any outstanding annual returns with CIPC for my CC/Company?

You can send an e-mail to info@myfinance-online.co.za to enquire about the status of your CC/PTY. 

7. Are there any additional costs involved? 

No, these fees are inclusive of all CIPRO fees and therefore NO EXTRA FEES are payable. 

 8. Is this the same as SARS income tax returns? 

No, it is totally different from SARS returns which must also be filled annualy. For more info on income tax and tax returns you can CLICK HERE

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The Purpose of the annual return ?

In keeping with legislation, each close corporation/company is compelled in terms of the Act to lodge an Annual return once a year. The Registrar needs to determine two things:

- Whether a registered organisation is still in business.

- Confirmation that the Registrar is in possession of the latest information of the close corporation/company.

What will happen if I fail to lodgement the close corporation's/company's Annual Return ?

Should a close corporation/company fail to lodge and pay for its Annual Returns for a period of more than 6 months, the Registrar may conclude that the close corporation/company is no longer conducting business and may refer it to be deregistered

What costs and protocols are involved?

All registered cc's/companies will be able to submit their annual return on our website by completing the online form below at a fee of dependant on the type of entity (this fee includes all fees levied by CIPC for annual returns).


You have to be a registered user to submit the online application form below.  

Registration on our website is free and will take 1 minute.REGISTER HERE. 

(Please ignore this message if you are already logged in)


1. How does it work?

1.1. Complete the online form and submit. We will send you a detailed quotation within 48 hours from receipt of your submission.

1.2. If quote is accepted and paid we will  submit your annual CC/Company return on your behalf and pay over the prescribed fees to CIPC. A certificate of submission will be e-mailed to you within 48 hours.


2. Important Info 

Please note:  to only change a CC/Company details and not submit your annual CC/Company return go to Amend a CC/Company Details.


3. When is a CC's/Company's annual return due? 

An Annual Return needs to be lodged within the anniversary month of its official incorporation up until the end of the month following its anniversary month. E.g. if the CC/Company was registered in March, the annual return will be due in March/April every year. The registration date of a CC/Company is noted on the CK1/CM1/COR 14.3 form itself. If you are not sure when your CC's/Company's annual return is due feel free to contact us.

Important: This service is for filing annual returns with CIPC and is totally different from annual tax returns with SARS. For more info on income taxes and tax returns with sars please click here

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