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Register A Company


 1. Is our fee all inclusive or are there any other fees payable? 

Our fee includes 1st name reservation, full registration and Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI - standard form). The only additional fee payable is R75 should your 1st set of 4 names not be approved by CIPC.  R75 is then charged for each set of 4 names submitted to CIPC.  

2. Can Close Corporations (CC's) no longer be registered? 

As from 1 May 2011 no new CC's can be registered, and Private Companies (PTY) must be registered instead. CC's already registered will continue to exist or can be converted into a Company (Pty).  

3. How does the process of registering a new company works? 

Once we have received your order and payment we submit your names to CIPC for approval.  We will advise of the outcome via e-mail. Once a name has been approved and we have received your signed draft and ID documents  we will submit your application for final registration with CIPC and e-mail you  the final registration documents. 

4. How will I receive my registration documents? 

As soon as we received the confirmation of registration document from CIPC we will e-mail it directly to your registered address. This document will include your Company's registration number as well as Memorandum Of Incorporation (MOI).

Additional Info

If you don't want to complete the application online, you can download the application form below: 

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How does it work?

Step 1 - complete and submit the form below.
Step 2 - process your order and pay the our service fee online via credit card or any other method.
Step 3 - we will e-mail you draft documentation with instructions, to be signed by the director(s) and returned together with certified copies of ALL directors of the Company via e-mail/fax.

  Non-Profit Companies (NPC's) registration is a different process to PTY registration and turnaround time is 6 - 8 weeks.

 The process works as follows: 

  • We submit your proposed names to CIPC for approval.  
  • If a name is approved we will e-mail you the name reservation document as well as draft documentation to be signed by each director.
  • This signed documentation must be returned together with certified copies of each director via fax/e-mail.
  • If no name has been approved you need to submit a new set of names at a fee of R75.
  • We will e-mail you the registration documents once CIPC has registered the company.
  • You will get an e-mail and SMS update on each stage of the process. 

3. What happens after the Company has been registered?

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As soon as you have received your registration document you will have to register your Company with SARS. As a myfinance-online user you will be able to this by going to the
"Register Company for income tax" section. The Company will then be issued with a Income Tax Number which should not be confused with the Company Registration Number with CIPC.

You will also have to register the Company for Workman's Compensation Insurance (COIDA). This is mandatory as soon as 1st person is employed
. The directors will also have to determine if the Company will have to register for VAT, PAYE and UIF. All of this can be done on this site. Visit the services section for more info in this regard.

As from 1 September 2005 Companies's must annually submit a form and pay over a prescribed fee to the Registrar. You can
submit your Annual Company Return with CIPC online here. This must be done 30 days after the company's anniversary date. E.g. if the Company was registered in March annual return must be submitted in Marh/April annually. 

The Company will also have to prepare financial statements every year end (normally February) to enable the Company to complete the Income Tax Return (IT14). Proper bookkeeping of all transaction are necessary. It will be the duties of the directors to see to it that proper records are kept. For assistance or more information in this regard please visit the
Request Accounting Services page. 

There are also certain secretarial duties which must be done once the company is registered .e.g Inagaural Meeting to be minuted, share certificates issued etc. For assisance in this regard you can contact us.


4.  What is a Private Company (PTY) Ltd?

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Private companies are comparable to companies of the same status under the Companies Act, 1973 and are characterised by the following: 

  • They are subject to fewer disclosure and transparency requirements.
  • A private company will still be prohibited from offering its shares to the public and the transferability of its shares will be restricted, but it may now have more than 50 shareholders.
  • The name of a private company must end with the expression “Proprietary Limited” or its abbreviation “(Pty) Ltd”.
  • The board of a private company must comprise at least one director, or any other minimum number as stipulated in its MOI. Each incorporator is a first director of the company.


5. Directors of a Company

Section 76 of the Act, in particular, requires a director when acting as a director, to act:

  • in good faith and for a proper purpose
  • in the best interests of the company
  • with the degree of care, skill and diligence that may reasonably be expected of a person
    • carrying out the same functions in relation to the company as those carried out by the director
    • having the general knowledge, same skill and experience of that director – a reasonable man/women test.


Number of Directors 

Private Company – 1 Director Minimum. Can have shareholders but not compulsary. Shareholder can also be a director.

Public Company/Non Profit Company – 3 Directors minimum. 

If you select any add on registrations to your company registration please note the following:

  • We will advise via e-mail  the steps/any additional info/documents required as soon as we start with the specific registration.
  • The following average turnaround times apllies: 
  • Tax Clearance- 1 working day after the company has been registered with CIPC.
  • PAYE/UIF registration:  5 working days after Company has been registered for income tax with SARS.
  • BEE Certificate: 2 working days after Company has been registered with CIPC.
  • Compensation Fund Registration:  21 - 30 days after Company has been registered with CIPC.
  • Minutes and share certificates: 1 working day after the Company has been registered.

You can also do any of these registrations seperately at a later stage by completing the online application on our website. I

IIIncome taIncome tax registration

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