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Import / Export License


1. When do I need an import/export license?

When you import or export goods over the value of R3 000 you will need to register as an importer/exporter. Individuals/sole proprietors, companies, closed corporations and trusts can all register. When you register, you will be issued with a customs client number. 

2. Why do I need an import/export license? 

Your customs registration number is required to complete the import and export bill of entry. The completed bill of entry is required to clear your goods at customs (this means customs may not release your goods without it). You will also need a customs registration number for all overseas payments done through the foreign exchange division of your bank.

3. How much duty/tax will I pay when I import goods?

Each item that is imported has a specific rate at which it is taxed. The type of tax paid is called a duty. The duty tax rates can range from 0% to 150% of the commercial invoice value. Most commonly imported items fall n the 15% - 30% range. In addition to the duty you will need to pay approximately 15% VAT.

4. Do I need to pay VAT on imports and how much?

Yes, you do need to pay VAT. The VAT amount is approximately 15%. You can calculate the exact amount to be paid as follows:

Product price on commercial invoice (e.g R100) + 10% of commercial invoice (e.g R110) 14% VAT is levied on the total amount. In the above example the VAT will be R110 x 14% = R15.40

5. Do I need to renew my license and how often?

Once you are registered as an importer and/or exporter you do not need to register again. The import/export license code we will give you is for the lifetime of the individual or business entity.

6. Can I use one license to import different goods or do I a need a new license for every item I import?

The import license we will supply you will enable you to import all items and most items only need the standard import license. Certain specialized items need a special permit in addition to this license. Examples of goods needing permits include meat, pharmaceuticals, gold, cars, cellphones etc.

7. Is there a maximum amount of goods or rand value that I can import export on one license?

For most goods there is no limit to the amount of goods or the rand value of the goods you import/export. Certain regulated good (e.g. secondhand cars, diamonds) may have a limit to the amount you can bring into the country. 

8. Where does customs clearance take place?

When goods are being seafreighted, customs clearance is performed at the port of entry or in the case of cargo destined for the inland province of Gauteng, at the Customs Depot in Johannesburg.

When goods are being airfreighted, customs clearance is performed at:

  • JHB or Cape Town International Airport, if an international airline is being used.
  • Lanseria Airport in the case of small consignments fron, for example Zambia, DRC, etc. 

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How does it work?

Step 1 - complete and submit the online form below.
Step 2 - pay our service  onliine via credit card or any other method.
Step 3 - a consultant will contact you, explaining the whole process and what documents/information are required.

We do the rest. As soon as we have received your documents your license will be e-mailed to you within 10 - 21  working days and the original will be posted to you.

You will get SMS and e-mail notifications on the progress of your order.


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