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Import / Export License Registration - Online financial service
Good morning  I will love to pride you on your excellent service. Coming out of a marketing background, the first ground rule we are given, is to put your customer first at all times. Service is a very important factor in order to satisfy your clients needs. This is the first year I’m actually working, and at the beginning I thought that if you pay tax, which is subtracted from your salary each month, you automatically have a tax number. I came to realization that I need to apply for my own tax number.  My dad’s attorney told me to apply on-line and so I did. I must admit that I didn’t have confidence in doing this, and thought that I will never get my tax number. But you proved me wrong. I entered all my details and when I needed assistance, I e-mailed and got a quick reply every time. There is absolutely no complaints regarding you assistance in this area. As soon as I paid and sent all my documents, I got an e-mail confirming my postage and that I will receive my tax number in 3 working days. And so I did.  I’m really surprised and delighted that there is still good service in South Africa. You don’t find it easily. Thanks for your excellent service and keep up with the great work!  God bless    - Elzette Strauss

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Import / Export License Registration

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ROE 2020 figures can now be submitted

it is that time of the year again to renew your letter of good standing (logs) with coida.


immediate topics that are covered on this page are the following:

PAYE and UIF registration can be done online

you can register your business for a paye/uif number with sars online. the online form takes about 1 minute to complete.

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